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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Chicken Chow

Last Sunday, I suddenly felt inspired to cook Chicken Chow (Porridge) for my hubby.

On Monday, I was really excited as I went Sheng Shiong to do my supermarketing.... Here's what I got:

1. A whole chicken

2. Fishcake

3. Shallots

4. Carrot

5. Mapo sauce

6. Tofu / beancurd


Our dinner costs only $10 (Less the milk and drink that I also bought)! I eventually fed 4 persons (Jared, Jasmine, Daniel and myself)! Cooking is indeed cheaper than eating out for a family.

I remember in the past, my mum would do marketing in the morning before she goes to work so that she could cook dinner for us EVERYDAY after her work. She is a SUPERwoman, and I am really inspired to provide for my family the way she did. :) (Then again... Maybe not as ON as her.... )

When I reached home, the 1st thing I endeavored to do was to de-skin / de-fat the whole chicken. This, is my 1st time doing it.... *How exciting! Here's my chicken... complete with the head, the feet, the butt... and EVERYTHING!


I think the most HORRIFYING moment was the 'toe-cutting'. Cos the chicken feet had toenails! YUCKSYUCKSYUCKS!!! I really had a difficult time....

Let me show you the cut toenails!



Finally, not too difficult at all, I finished de-skinning my chicken.


Not bad right? :)

I pounded 2 garlic bulbs and threw it into a pot of water, together with the chicken. I boiled this for TWO long hours to get home-made chicken stock.

When the aroma of the stock filled my house, I felt so proud of myself... The 'inexperienced cook's joy'! :)))

After 2 hours, I took out the chicken. And from this

DSCF2140 became this!


I lovingly and patiently used my BARE HANDS to 'peel' the chicken into delicate shreds... Applause please....

Next, I measured out my rice and added the chicken stock (instead of water) to cook the chow. I boiled it for 1.5 hours on small fire. During this time, I stirred and tried to grind the rice with a ladle and a spoon to achieve the smooth effect. Added salt to taste.

#Lesson learnt from here. I should not have measured out the same amount of rice grains as I would have needed if I wanted to cook rice. Cos in the end, my chow was quite thick and I had to keep on adding stock. Eventually, I used up my whole pot of stock!

Next, I peeled and sliced shallots.


It was an awfully teary process...

Finally, I endured the process to get this...


Then, time to deep fry it! *Exciting!


#Another lesson learnt. When deep frying, you need to be VERY generous in the amount of oil you use. I thought I was generous but apparently not enough. I ended up with a fair bit of 'chao tar' shallots. :(

Next on, I fried an egg omelette. A thin one. Then cut these into long strips.


I lightly fried a piece of fishcake and cut it into cubes and stirred it into my chow. Finally, everything was ready!

I scooped a bowl of chow and sprinkled 1. Shredded chicken 2. Sliced egg 3. Sliced fishcake 4. Shallots 5. Sesame oil 6. Soy sauce 7. Pepper

Presenting my Chicken Chow... cooked with lotsa love!


I also cooked a plate of Mapo Toufu which was simply - throw in diced tofu, cubed carrots, shredded chicken and mix in the Mapo sauce, cook for some time.

DSCF2155 Nice! But too bad, not to Jared's liking... :( Never mind.

Anyway, you can try my chicken chow recipe. It's simple but good! :)

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