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Sunday, January 18, 2009

This week...


OK... I did not give up... I cooked wanton mee last Monday. :)


Complete with char siew! (this plate was mine... with all the vege!)

and complete with soup...


There was shrimp dumpling, mushroom balls and golden mushroom.

Jared loves mushrooms!

I think my culinary skills are improving! :)


Anyway, my colleague Wendy suddenly gave birth on Friday! SUDDENLY. Because she was due 2 weeks earlier than planned. Here's a picture of her son.


I think he is a good-looking new born baby. Wendy said she really prayed for every aspect including his looks... The power of specific prayers!

Time really flies... Wendy just gave birth, San's son is turning 1. A few years ago... we were all just single. :o

On Thursday (just before Wen popped!), San, Wen and me were just talking about the importance of living a BALANCED life. Not just a life of chasing after the things of the world, nor a life of just chionging ministry (extreme), nor a life of chasing after fun... but a life of living out God's will in every aspect. Living a fulfilled and balanced life in God.

Like what we learnt in CG this week... When we put God first in our lives, everything will be added to us. As I look back over all these years, that is so so true. Thank God for blessing us with good families, good hubbies, good careers in the House of God, good ministries, good friends!

So this year, I really want to put God first in my life more and more. I want to live a fruitful life in God and I am believing this verse for myself..."Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in ALL things and be in health, just as your soul prospers." 3 john 2 AMEN!

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Balance is the key to life! ;)