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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Our Short but Sweet Bangkok Trip

And off we went to BKK on 28th December. Most people who heard my holiday destination would question me on the safety of the place.

Well, I am back in one piece now. :) It had been a very safe trip. Didn't sight any groups wearing red/yellow T-shirts and making loud noises. Everyone was just like us... Shopping and eating! That's Bangkok isn't it?!

Even though we stayed there for 3.5 days, it was a really 'just nice' trip. Jared found a 5-star hotel - Pullman Bangkok King Power, that charged a very affordable rate during this season. The 1st 5-star hotel I've ever stayed in! Here are some pictures!

Exterior & Interior

The exterior of our hotel.


Our deluxe hotel room (mid-range room in the hotel).

On the left, there is a couch and coffee table. Everyday, the housekeeping services will leave 4 pieces of designer chocolates on the coffee table there! Everyday different chocolates somemore! Yums!

On the right, you see a sliding door that reveals the big bathroom! They provide different bath salts beside the bathtub everyday... Heavenly...

In Bangkok, I also enjoyed the Tuk Tuk rides. I honestly think they are faster than the other public transport on the roads! But it can be quite a nerve wrecking and polluted experience...


We are behind Mr Tuk Tuk!

And of course, I love the cheap cheap shopping esp shopping for accessories! Jared and I think if we bring the accessories over to Singapore to sell... we will really make SOME $$.

Let me share with you some treasure I found. ALL costing less than $10 per piece! In Singapore, long necklaces costs at least $12 and above (I think @ Diva).





And this deal (below) here is unbelievable... 3 long beaded necklaces for S$4!


And if you look at the beads close up... pretty cute!




And I bought this o-so-cool red sandals... for Val. Just look at it!


How I love shopping... =)

So all in all, BKK was a pretty good trip (except for my food poisoning on the 1st day). Jared and I concluded that Thailand must be one of the best short holiday destinations in SE Asia - for its shopping, beautiful and fun beaches, massages (this one is for Jared), food etc all at low prices!

We will be back!

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Stephen said...

The 3rd necklace is so wicked cool!!

Jerb said...

Hi Stephen, yea... I didnt know u like necklaces too! ;)

San said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself! I miss BKK too! ;)

ED said...

Sounds like BKK continues to be s haven for women! :)

Xia said...

I miss BKK as well! It has everything for a good trip - food, shopping.. and the cost is the most attractive. Haha!

Jerb said...

Yes, we women love BKK :)))

Eunice said...

nice shoes for Val! :)