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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Chinese New Year 2009: Moooo Year

This is the FIRST year I celebrate Chinese New Year with my in-laws. Was feeling rather excited before the 1st day, and now am feeling very stuffed...

Well, Sunday night was reunion night. We had 10 folks over at our place instead of Mother's cos our house is air-conditioned. I had a good time learning oven recipes from Karen (my sis-in-law)!

Here are the pictures of our steamboat dinner. I have never eaten Steamboat during CNY since young (cos my own family cook dishes), but I will probably eat every year from now onwards!

Reunion 11

BTW, Jared is a BIG fan of Steamboats...

Last night, we had a gathering with his Mum's side relatives. Jared warned me that every year, they would cook the SAME Hainanese dishes - Mushroom stuffed with meat, stewed duck, Hainan Chicken, roasted pork and we will lo hei as a BIG family. Cool!

Here is the picture of the long long table that accomodated all of us at 1 sitting!

Reunion 2

Well, besides reunion dinners, we also had LOTS of...



From Singtel to Ps Derek... He prefers free handphones to free cookies...

** CG fun (Combined Subzone CNY meeting)


** Foodies (aka Junkies!)


I ate continuously yesterday....

**Cute little babies!



CNY will NEVER be the same for Jared and me again...

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San said...

Hahaha! Nicely summarized! ;) CNY's never gonna be the same (or as fun... or as cheap!) :P

wenwinner said...

Hahaha.. welcome to the new era! I also didn't escape from it though I am in confinement. I still have people that came and visit us too! =)