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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Monochrome on CNY 2nd day

It's a headache thinking what u can wear for a party happening after CNY visitation. The dresscode: MONOCHROME (black, grey and white).

Jared complained I spent more time staring at my wardrobe than bathing.

I decided against the more hip - ALL black attire. It's CNY after all! So here's what I finally settled for - something with white, black AND grey/silver!


Shimmering white tank top (Castro Trend)

Black tube (Osmose)

Black, polka dot print skirt (H&M)

Silver chain belt (Valerie)

My accessories were...


Silver and black bangles (fr Bangkok)

Silver hoop earrings


French pedicured toenails with white base and glittered purple tips


The best pair of black platforms I've ever had in my life.. so far! From Novo

For my make up, I used eyeshadow (Victoria Secret all the way from USA). I loved the packaging. With a small eyeshadow brush and a mirror and a palette of 4 colors inside!

IMG00261 IMG00262

I used beige as the base, silver over my entire eyelids, and shimmery black on the lower half of my lids. Together with LOTS of waterproof black mascara and black eyeliner... Nice!

I also added a little stroke of silver eyeliner above my black one, at the tip of my eyes.

Introducing my silver eyeliner from Splash, available at Watsons in MANY MANY delightful colors!


I am definitely going to stock up a few more colors of eyeliner from there!

So off I went for my CNY visitation and later, the party!

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kailin said...

Wow. Haha, Jerb I think alot of us ladies will request for you to post more of these style tips.

Anyway, I had the same pair of Novo platforms. It's kind of tight and painful for me at the toes after wearing for a few hours. :(

Jerb said...

Thanks Kailin! Hope the little tips help!

Maybe the shoes are of the wrong size for u? Cos mine is v comfy! It looks v classy but price is v v affordable... right? ;)

kailin said...

I've worn it twice so far. I hope it won't hurt as much the third time that I am gg to wear.

But yes, very affordable! And once again, hoping to catch more style tips! :-)