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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Housework Day

Today is Monday. If I do not need to work, Monday=Housework Day. 

I think I was a good housewife today. I was feeling really motivated to clean the house after 2 weeks (due to the Bangkok trip and Leaders' Retreat week)! And I would really like to transform the whole house (actually not that it is very bad la...) before Jared comes back, so that he could 'enjoy' it after a hard day's work! :)))

I packed the house and threw 4 HUGE bags of rubbish. Cleaned all the tables and mirrors. Vacuumed and mopped the floors. I bought a sewing kit...


and sewed a lobang in a cushion!


I even cooked dinner!


It was not an easy thing to plan the menu cos as most of you know, my hubby is anti-vege. The only vege he eats are mushrooms, potatoes and carrots (see the ABC soup) as well as the 'whatever vege' found in popiahs!

Well, I thought of a great idea, to eat all the vege I need for lunch and then cook a non-green dinner for both of us. :) I think my menu was not bad... inspired by my super mum-in-law who managed to feed my hubby for 28 years.

But... a bad thing happened while I was preparing dinner. I was steaming the fish, and I did not have a lid for the saucepan (?!) I used for steaming. I ended up using a metal plate to cover the saucepan. When the fish was steaming, I used a cloth to try to lift up the by then HOT metal plate. My finger accidentally touched the plate. My hands jerked... and moved the saucepan... which caused the boiling water inside to spill on 4 of my fingers!!!

It was really very PAINFUL!!! I ran it over the tap water but I felt like my fingers were on fire! I finally had the brains to take iced water to soak my fingers. When I soaked them in the water, my fingers felt normal again! But when I took them out, the burning sensation returned. It was torturous and lasted for almost 20 minutes...

Yikes! See my burnt fingers...


After about an hour plus, a blister started to form on my 3rd finger!


Gross right???

I wanted to just leave it and let nature takes its course since my wounds are no longer painful.... but Jared managed to persuade me to see the doc. The doc told me that I suffered 2nd degree burns on that particular finger! I almost couldn't believe it! Then he poked it with a needle (painless process) and drained the water out. This poking procedure alone cost $10 (I thought I could do it myself... but Jared warned me if I did it, I risk infection...) Anyway, my finger is healing very well now....

I was thinking I should never cook again... all the pain, time and effort (preparing, cooking, washing and drying). And honestly, it probably wasn't near my mum-in-law's standard... :(((

But one thing my hubby said that made my day... He was amazed at how much I accomplished in one day... He was very proud of me! So, I lovingly told him, I will keep up my good workS and cook... Bak Chor Mee for him next Monday! (I don't know why his eyes grew rounder...! HAHA!) Well, love indeed motivates...

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Xia said...

ouch! hearing it already sounds painful..

yea, and it sure is no easy feat... I tried to do all that.. and a thought came, housewives also really must plan their time well... chores and meals, unending... haha. :)

JH said...

super ouch!
I remember those days of closing the kitchen door and doing a ta-da surprise meal... it kinda stopped after a couple of times. haha... we just go out... somehow in those days, a $5 meal seem really worthwhile! :)

Jerb said...

Yes! I think the JD of a housewife is v challenging!

Hx said...

Haha Jared Is Soooooo Blessed.

MH said...

Keep up the good works!! It's always great to have home-cooked meals! Though it's not easy but I believe we can be gd housewives!! Haha..

Jerb said...

MH! Thks for the encouragement! Tonight it's wanton mee :) ... (hope it pass WELL!) And yes we can be good housewives HAHA!