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Monday, January 12, 2009


Ps John Bevere visited our church last weekend. It is amazing how he could look younger and younger each time we see him! He looked as if he was in his thirtys! (He is really 50 this year!!!) Also, when he first appeared on the stage, I thought I saw Ps Phil!

Anyway yesterday, Ps John Bevere preached a solid message on HONOR. How to give honor, and the lasting rewards of honor.

HONOR = To hold in high respect, esteem. It is the opposite of dishonor

DISHONOR = to treat as COMMON


We need to HONOR God, our parents, our spouse, our leaders etc. Do we treat them as COMMON? If yes… maybe we have dishonored them…

I think in our church, in the Asian culture maybe, it’s easier to learn to give honor. However I learnt TRUE godly honor originates from the heart. It’s an attitude. We learnt about the great rewards of honoring but honoring someone comes from deep within… so we can’t fake it or just do the actions.

I believe like what Ps John shared… Honor is honor using not just actions, words but also through the thoughts. So when I do the outward acts of honoring, I got to speak it as well as think it.

Yesterday, I also learnt that honor has to be given to 3 groups of people. I always knew and am conscious to give honor to the 1st group – my leaders (whether the godly or the ungodly). But today I also realized we need to give honor to our peers as well to those entrusted to us!

This really set me thinking… What have I not done and what I should start doing… It’s easy to be so busy in life we neglect people. I am very guilty of it! So this year, I am going to start repenting and ‘open my eyes’ to give honor where honor is due.

Jared and I started our first step by remembering an old friend’s birthday yesterday… :) We are going to buy her a beautiful gift coupled with a dinner date.

Rom 12:10 “Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.”

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