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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy 16th (21st actually!) Birthday to JASMINE!!!


Jas turned 21! on 26th Jan. We had a belated birthday celebration for her @ my house last night. I really can't quite believe that my kid sister is officially an ADULT! She doesn't quite behave like one too... HAHA!

Anyway, here are the essentials for a party for Jas...

  • Lots of food for dinner - Check.
  • Loads of tidbits - Check.
  • DVDs - Check.

My mum-in-law upon hearing that my siblings are coming over, offered to cook LAKSA for us for our dinner! She is the BEST mum-in-law I've ever known! Thanks mum!!!


Delicious laksa!

And, we bought yusheng, yam ring, hotplate tofu, vege  and cereal prawns as well! What a feast!!!


After dinner, what happens? The Zzzz monster sets in.


Jas in action! Or rather, Jas in inaction....

Jas wanted to NOT sleep tonight and just watch DVDs... But here she was... first to go lala land...

However, it was the BEST chance for us to surprise her!


Dan the Man preparing her cake....

Let's take a closer look at the birthday greetings on the cake....



So we laid out the beautiful snacks and cake before her...


With the candles burning in front of her, it looked as if we were engaging in ancestral worship! Jas being the idol!

We couldn't resist this wonderful chance for a family picture! And so....


As of now, Jas does not know about all these above sleeping pics!

So now, we need to awaken the sleeping dragon Beauty... "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU...... GOD IS BLESSING YOU NOWWWWW...!"



We bought our beloved sister a bright blue ipod nano with accessories! She loved it!


And last of all.... Family photos!


HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAS!!! We love you very very very much! U bring soooo much joy to our lives :)

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