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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Chinese New Year!

I am feeling excited with Chinese New Year approaching! I just went shopping for some groceries at Carrefour just now and seeing all the CNY decorations, goodies and hearing the cheena songs made me feel very HAPPY :))!

Do you like Chinese New Year?

I love it!!!

I love it for its longer holidays!

I love it for the new clothes I can wear… now I don’t really bother cos I buy clothes all year round….

I used to love it cos of angpows… now it’s becoming a dislike…!

I love to walk along the crowded streets of Chinatown and soak in the festive atmosphere, colourful sights and sounds!

I love it cos of the goodies I can gorge myself with! The kueh lapis, bah  kwa, fried nian gao, strawberry and chocolate julie love letters (FAVORITE!!!), the peanut cookies, the pineapple tarts, the cashew and almond and whatever nut cookies, the chocolates… DELICIOUS! (By now you know I have a sweet tooth!)

I love it cos of the good food we eat during reunions.

I love it cos I finally meet my relatives!

I can’t wait for Chinese New Year! I need my holiday…

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Jin Lian said...

I Love Chocolate Julie love letter too! Hee

Jerb said...

I prefer the strawberry ones! delicious! I think i am full capable to finish quarter of a tin at 1 go!