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Monday, December 22, 2008

Nail it

It’s a Monday. And here I am searching on the internet for another good manicure place.

I have tried Good Earth Nail Bar, Nails in Vogue, PINC, Nail Palace, Ladyfinger, Ibuta nails and many many more! The worst was this small shop at Bugis Street level 1. The manicurist was not friendly, too young and the nail color was not painted on well at all. Very Cheap but I guess ‘yi fen qian yi fen huo’. Good Earth is one of my personal favorites, but prices are abit steep. So far, I think Ibuta @ Orchard should be the best. The Korean boss did my wedding nails and the price was reasonable. But… I am too lazy to travel there always…

So, today I chanced upon the website of this lady who can do nails at the comfort of your own home! Her prices are OK. So… I picked up the phone for an appointment at my house at 7pm later! We shall see how it turns out to be! I hope it’s going to be VERY good!

I love nail art… beautiful nails. I used to do only the normal manicure and pedicure. Then these couple of years, I began to start a love affair with nail extensions with BEAUTIFUL designs! *Sigggghhh lovingly …*

Too bad my nails are weak and chip very easily. And I play the guitar almost every week.

So some times when there is a break from CG meetings (like now), my nails will be itching… :)

Here are some beautiful nail designs!

Hand painted nails

nail5 nail6

Cute! But I am not really this kind…

Airbrush painted nails

nail7 nails

Graduated colors plus glitter!


I love glitter!

3D Amazing!

nail4 nail1


I love sequins!!! *Blink blink*

Pressed flowers


Don’t you adore beautiful nails?????


=GHIJ= said...

nice arty the fingers are just so so..hee..

San said...

I love beautiful nails toooooooooooooooo!

Xia said...

The blingy one's nice! Soft spot for blingy stuff. ;)

Jerb said...

Yes.... We have a very soft spot for asethetics!

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mark said...


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