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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!!!

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas! 2009 - another new year, new start is coming!!!

If you saw Edmund's blog, he introed a really good Accapella group -Straight No Chaser. I enjoyed them alot! Really interesting and creative group of singers!

Well, Jared too has been drawn to a certain genre of music these days... he has been listening to OPERA the last few nights. And opera songs from the same singers.

Ok, I know you are laughing at my husband now and trying to remember how OLD he is....

When you see this group of singers, you will realize that opera is not just for old fogies. This group of opera singers are NOT your usual who look like this -


HAHA! (Sorry to all his fans! ;p)

Introducing.......... Ii Divo (Italian word for divine male (performer)).

Handsome men + Of different nationalities + Can sing (and in English, French, Italian, Latin, Spanish) + Some can play instrumentS + Wear sharp black Armani suits = SURE WIN combination.

Hear (and see) them sing Christmas songs:

They are really good aren't they?

Anyway, this Christmas has been the busiest one for me. With the services and friends, audit preparation, salary preparation etc.... I feel like a juggler! I need to be an anointed juggler! Really need to depend on God's grace ALOT this Christmas.



And before I sign off.... here's a Christmas Carol (?) for Obama fans! Jared says it's irritating. HAHA! Enjoy!


ED said...

Haha! Barack Obama is so funny!

Jared and opera...:)

Jerb said...

HAHA... Jared will say, 'Why not?!' ;)