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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to Hubby

Just wanna wish my dearest a BIG BIG


You are the bestest thing that have happened to me in this decade! *Muack!* Everyday with you is paktor day. :)

Pastor sometimes share this joke about marriage. He quoted some married couples saying, “Before the wedding there is the Engagement Ring. During the wedding there is the Wedding Ring. After the wedding there is SufferRing.” It's different for us...! It just keeps getting better after the wedding! (Right dear? =)) Even though it’s just 6.5 months into our marriage, but I am also saying BY FAITH for our long long future. AMEN.

So, to Jared… “ I Love You So So So Much!”

(Except that I just cannot sign that 6 months’ contract… I am neither a pro, nor a contract worker… I am a free lancer… HEE…)


So, that’s all for tonight! Tomorrow I will post the pictures of his birthday gifts and all the gift-givers he wants to thank. Ciao!


ED said...

So sweet!!!

San said...

Awwwwwwww.... :) :) :)

Happie birthday, Jared!

Jerb said...

Thanks!!! :)))