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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Archaeological Spring Cleaning

2 days ago, Jared dragged me to his old house to clean up his room.

We unearthed many 'treasures' as we combed through the piles and piles of stuffs.

We found old photos...


We found very old contact lists...


We even dug up the 1st E99 contact list! With contacts like Dawn Leong, Ed Tay, May Chuen, Lifeng, Boon Kiat, both of us etc!

We found.... I don't like this :(


The Titus watch that he bought for his JC girlfriend. She returned it to him after they broke up.

My first words were..." You got girlfriend before meh??"

His first words were..." You know why Titus? Because 天长地久。" *Smirk look*

Gggrrrr.... So Mr Jared Lim... Where's MY Titus???!!!

We found... I like this one :)))


All the HANDMADE, HANDDRAWN cards I did for him over the years! I used to be E99's card-maker (my cards were always kinda 3D!), and I made his 19th and 20th birthday cards. I also made Christmas cards for zone leaders in the earlier years... when the zone was not so big! So nice right? Heehee....

During Paktor years, I no longer had time to MAKE cards... so I gave him a book-card. Still very sweet.... :)))


Lastly, we found...


Archie Comics!!!

Just in time for my BKK trip... brainless reads for my plane trip. :)

Anyway, gtg ciao... BKK here I come tomorrow! Going to enjoy ourselves to the max before starting another NEW year!

So wishing everybody -

HAPPY NEW YEAR in advance!!!


ED said...

Jared sure keeps lots of old stuff...the next go green project, we should put him in charge :)

Did I give u your siblings those Archie Comics?

Jerb said...

HAHA! I think Jinlian is still the best person for the job!

No... u didnt give my siblings the Archie comics. :)