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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Inaugural Asia Conference 2008

Today is already the 4th day of our 1st Asia Conference. It has been many early mornings and late nights but it's nothing compared to the things we've learnt, the strong presence of God and the message we've received these few days.

Ps Kong has really emphasized and reiterated the message (and thanks to the MANY MANY tear jerking videos... *Kudos to our video crew!*) of LOVING & GIVING.

Ps & Sun themselves have led the way and shown us all the WIDE & TRUE meaning of generosity.

During the conference, all the registered delegates and church members enjoyed FREE 1. Lunch & Dinner for 4 days (Good food!) 2. Bottles of water 3. Conference pack containing a notepad in Black PVC cover and Asia Conference mints 4. Mentos 5. Registration ... WOW! And every cent collected during the offerings for the 5 days will not be used to cover the Conference's expenses but used for local & overseas humanitarian works.

Sun has been also using her own $ to build schools in the poorest regions in China... What an amazing couple!

What Ps said is true. It's not just about what is taught, but what is caught.

And so, I am really enjoying the Conference very much so far. The songs, the showcases (I myself marvel what we can do as each individual steps out in faith & hard work and stretches our fullest potential in God), the messages...

Ps Kong's message about moving from the 1st space to the 2nd to the 3rd space has really set me thinking & challenged me about my ministry at work. Thinking thinking thinking... (about my Masters again!)

And so, tomorrow is the finale. How fast! And I am still feeling calm about sharing our Caring System testimony... Hmm... I hope I still feel this way when we share in front of the massive crowd tomorrow! Pray for us - Eunice, Val, Jared, Joseph and I,that we will have a VERY anointed sharing tomorrow!

See ya!

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