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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Fruit salad

Introducing my hubby - the Ultimate Vege Hater.

Anything green and leafy is carefully and sometimes diligently avoided by him. That makes it very difficult for his wife to cook anything for him. Cos I love vege and I almost always add vege into my foods.

When we order 1 bowl of Ban Mian each, we will say, "Auntie, please put both bowls' vege into 1 of the bowl."

As such, I have been constantly thinking of what I can cook/make for my dearest hubby. Well, as the saying goes, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach". It's kinda hard for me now to reach my hubby's heart using this method...

Until finally.... finally.... I found something that is healthy, that I enjoy eating, that he enjoys eating too - FRUIT SALAD!!!

I know I know that all you cooks are despising and probably chey-ing me now. BUT, honestly, I think my fruit salads are really yummy!

Let me share with you the 'recipe' for 1 new salad that I invented, that I made, that Jared gobbled up last night. :)


1. Strawberries - Cut each into 6 pieces along its cross-section

2. Seedless Grapes - Pluck the stem away

3. Canned longan - Pour the syrup (aka calories) away

4. Apple and Pomelo yogurt by Live!


1. Mix them altogether

2. Refrigerate

3. Enjoy! :)))


DEBC said...

I will try this salad when i can! looks yummy! :))

Anonymous said...

Yes! Delicious & healthy!