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Monday, November 10, 2008

Evan's birthday celebration @ my house

Grace suggested, we okayed, and for the 1st time, our department had a birthday celebration at one of our houses!

And they chose mine!

The entire morning I was packing & cleaning my house. Gracy Tan was supposed to help me. I thought she overslept but she was more 'spiritual' than I thought. She forgot the time cos she watched Ps Phil's service online. Well done Gracy! ;p

Anyways, I rushed out of home to grab ingredients for fruit salad. And grab food from the coffee shop @ Blk 412, Bedok North which sells Botak Jones (Western food) & il Piccolo (Pizza & Pasta). This coffeeshop is 'famous' for these 'celebrity' food. Do check them out! Quality food @ affordable prices!

Here's some of the food I ordered/made:


Yums! Can't wait to start!

While waiting for our birthday gal, we played with the only boy in the department - JAYVON!!!

gals & jayvon

Still could not really get him to smile alot... Nevermind, we will not give up.

Finally the birthday girl came and after lunch, we celebrated her birthday!


Just look at the cake! It's sooooo delicious and the best thing is... it's Peach Yoghurt Cake. That means the cream is made of yoghurt? We hope! Cos we finished it in one sitting.....

Finally, Grace & Evan had a wacky, noisy time playing Wi - Mario & Sonic @ the Olympics!

The 1st competition was 110m Hurdles...

Ready... Get Set... Go!


Gracy chose a fat, ugly character... Don't ask me why...


They tried to start calmly...


but they (esp Gracy) could not help themselves....


Our dear 2 players could NOT go very fast at all, and they knocked down ALL the hurdles! HAHA! They were top 8. They were 7th and 8th out of 8 runners....

We had a good time fellowshipping! Thanks for all the fun and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most COMPASSIONATE person I have ever met!!!

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