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Saturday, November 08, 2008

ETZone Bling Bling!!!

Amidst a week of morning prayer meetings, we had our ETzone Bling Bling event @ RW.

It's the first of many things. The 1st event with non-christian celebrities involved, the 1st fashion makeover, the 1st ET highlights (video announcements) and the launch of our very own, long awaited ETzone website! Check it out

Though the meeting stretched abit longer than usual, it was a really fun-filled, enjoyable one!

We had the Kids Central hosts Candice and Prim (and of course Lucas) hosting the entire event.

We had a beatboxer from Lucas' camp performing. It was cooooool... Beatboxers are amazing don't you think??

We played Jacky Wu's 我猜,我猜,我猜猜猜 game. 3 rounds of 4 contestants.

(1) Guess the King/Queen of Limbo Rock
Mason from W212! I think he has NO backbone... literally! HAHA!
(2) Guess the ex-National Skipping Champion
David Ang Choon Choon! Stunner!
(3) Guess who is spared from eating Bread with loads of Wasabi & chilli!
Kimberly Ong from E462! Drama mama! She fooled us completely!

Almost everyone was fooled by the 'fakies'!

Then we had a fashion makeover which I took pictures of! Look at these makeovers!!!

Not bad right? Thanks to our creative, young, stylo makeup artists - Joycelyn, Michele Tan & Iris!

And leaving you with the subzone picture....

We had a great time!!!

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