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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Birthday Outing! (A loonnggg post...)

And so we went out planning to do A LITTLE BIT of shopping before we meet up with Jared & the 小瓜s for dinner.

Then we realized we got to shop for:

1. Val's zone leader's baby's 1st month present

2. Michele Tan's zone birthday present

3. David Ang's zone birthday present &

4. Hopefully Jared's birthday present

When we reached Orchard, the 1st thing we did was to EAT. There were the occasional phonecalls...


And then we had our LOWFAT ice-cream! We are sooo FOR LOWFAT!

(But low fat came @ a high cost... 2 single scoop ice cream for $8+!)


IMG00067 Yum! & it's LOWFAT

And off we went shopping! We spent almost the whole shopping time choosing presents for the others lor... Thank God I managed to get something for myself (I sound like a shopaholic right??)... A hand-sleeve... with a DRAGON design!

IMG00104Dun you think it is ultra cool???

Val also got Jared his present from...


Wow... So generous...

I really am at my wit's end on what to get for him. When I asked him, he told me he wanted a 6 MONTH 'DO HOUSEWORK' CONTRACT with me... :( Har? What's that mean??....

Anyway, we soon had to rush off to meet the rest for dinner at a Spanish restaurant at Robertson Quay. Yummy! It's been a long walking day...

Before we left, we took pictures of Taka's X'mas tree!



And while walking along Orchard Road to the MRT station, we met our very own CHC Strike Force playing along the road!


Reminds me of the street musicians along the roads of Greece... Full of culture and so lively! I like... :)

When we reached Robertson Quay, we were very very disappointed to know that our Spanish restaurant had closed down...

We had to walk up and down, east to west to search for good food... And finally, we settled for a Thai buffet dinner at Liang Court. We heard it was good... It better be....

Anyway Liang court is soooo changed. Before Jared and I got married, we visited this shopping centre and it was DEAD town. Now it's been revived and I believe the theme is Japanese. It has many small Jap eateries, Jap restaurants, it was showing a Jap TV channel on their TV and it has a large Jap supermarket.

But we came here to eat Thai food. HAHA!


It offers ala carte buffet at a very affordable $21++ per person.

The place, Suanthai Restaurant (@ Liang Court, B1) was very crowded even when we reached at 8:30pm. Soon we started ordering like crazy... We ordered ALOT. If you come here, please remember NOT to order so much, cos their portions are GENEROUS. But the quality is good! The food is quite authentic, tasty and fresh. I give it ****! Here are some of the food we ordered...


chicken wing

It was a very filling meal! So filling that Jasmine almost couldn't walk out straight. HAHA! I wanted to take a pic of Jas... But she siamed me like crazy...

IMG00086 Jas trying to siam

Finally, she allowed me to take a pic of her with ONE condition:


She hides her lower half... HAHAHAHAHAHA!

Then... Val's members came and sprung a surprise for her. Actually it was not really a surprise cos in the restaurant, Val sighted one of her members hovering outside! DUH!!!

Anyway, after her celebration with her members, we had our own family celebration at Starbucks...


We ate HALF the delicious cake. It was our favorite from 4 Leaves Bakery. It's called Chocolate Exotica and it's like a giant Ferrero Rocher!


It's a fantastic birthday cake @ only $24 for chocoholics!

And then Jared & I were admiring the card (bound into a book... 100% handmade, designed and printed) that Val's CG members made for her. We took pictures of some pages to show our members the CORRECT STANDARD of making birthday cards...

Anyway, do you know that all these years, Val's different batch of members are always very very creative? Just like her!

Let me show you some of the pages/pictures in the book-card -->




Very nice and creative right??!!

They also gave her flowers and a handmade trophy...

IMG00089 IMG00098

We can tell... She is a WELL-LOVED CGL!


Dear Erchy...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanks once again for being my best pal and sister! You are always there for me, you always listen to my grumblings in bad times, and detailed accounts of my good experiences. You are a great shopping pal. And best of all, you help me to grow with you together in God! You are soooo SOLID! May God grant you all the desires of your heart this year! :)

Loads of loves,


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