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Monday, November 03, 2008

My Great Grand Pa Pa (GGPP)

Last Sat was a special day... A day I got in touch with my 'roots'.

A few weeks back, Val got a rare phonecall from our granduncle. He invited our family to the National Library as he donated my great grandfather's letters to them (To Torance: They are confirmed NOT Complaint Letters! HAHA) and the opening ceremony of the exhibitions would happen on 1 Nov. My Greatgrandfather (GGfather) received letters from Zhou Enlai, the 1st Premier of China. He was a businessman and a pioneer of a town in Malaysia (my dad's hometown- Kuala Pilah). Cooooool.... I never knew that.
So on Sat, my Malaysian aunt and cousins came down to SG and we had a rather sentimental, small family reunion @ the National Library. Here are some pics!

My granduncle Lin Qiong who donated my GGfather's letters. A Chinese writer himself.

My GGfather!!! Lin Kong Thing (What a shuai name....)

Do I look like him?? HAHAHA!
If you say 'Yes', don't bluff!!!... My grandpa was adopted!

More pics of the exhibition @ National Library

And here's my favorite picture from the publications...

Guess who this couple is?

My grandparents!!! Aren't they such a handsome couple??

For those who havent seen my Ah Ma before, here's how she looked like a few years back!

Really missed my Ah Ma. But she's in a better place today. :)

Anyway, I had a good time last Saturday. And I can say I am now a proud GGdaughter!


DEBC said...

Wow this is awesome! To see your GG father's thing exhibited! wow! :)

Jerb said...

Yea! I think it's cool too!