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Saturday, November 15, 2008

4 more days to ASIA CONFERENCE 2008

Had a crowded CG meeting today @ my house. Squeezed 2 CGs into my small abode.

Jared who was 'hiding' in the room claimed that I talked about Asia Conference for a whole 20 minutes. Are you sure??!! But I am really excited!

The early morning sessions

Yeeks! I have to take attendance at 8am everyday!

The smart casual, trendy (dressier) dress code


Jared does not believe I don't have such clothes in my wardrobe...

The crowd


The busyness

Serving the above crowd... I am excited to switch on my bestest 'customer service' mode.

The praise & worship

Loud! Vibrant! Strong! Anointed!

The superb lineup of speakers

Ulf Ekman, AR Bernard, Phil & Chris Pringle, Benny Hinn & our own Ps Kong! Val & I were saying, if these great men meet at 1 same place at 1 same time, I will definitely want to walk pass the room and 'catch' some anointing!!! So AMAZING!

The strong presence of God in EVERY service

I can see it... Kneeling down, worshiping God, impacted by the living Word of God...



Anyway back to my CG today.... My sister-in-law was VERY generous! She was baking cupcakes for her baby's first month this sunday and she made extra for my CG!


LOVINGLY HOME-MADE CUPCAKES for E99 & N450! She had the fruit toppings, the cookie & cream hersheys toppings and the dark choco hersheys toppings...!

Here's how delicious the cupcakes were:


Kenneth & Yaozong devouring the cupcakes

I also took a family photo just now....


Cousins: Brother Aaron, Abel and cousin sister Nicole!

That's all for today!

Once again, see u at ASIA CONFERENCE!

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