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Friday, October 17, 2008

Our salvation is precious!

Last night at almost 1am, I received a phone call. I almost was reluctant to pick it up. The words 'ET-Yongle' appeared on my phone's screen.

The CGL in me made me pick it up in the end. Hee. Over the phone, I thought I heard sobbings. Huh? Yongle crying??

Le: Jerb pls pray for my friend... pls...
Me: Le... what happened?
Le: My very good friend... He just passed away....
Me: Huh? ... Le you ok? What happened?
Le: He was riding on a bike and a lorry hit him.
Le:... He asked me out just now but I turned him down cos I was working...
Le: Why must it be him?

I did not asked him if his friend was a christian. I did not ask where his friend was going. I did not say, ' See, I told you riding a bike was dangerous!' (I always tell him that, cos he just got his bike license and couldnt wait to buy a bike)

I just kept quiet and listened to him talk.

At the end of the phone call, I was shocked to remember Le had to take his 'O' level practical exam the next day. I offered to pray for him... and his friend.

Honestly, I didn't know how to pray for a friend who probably was not saved? It was difficult. The words to use. He probably wun be going to H'ven if he wasnt saved...

SALVATION today is precious. No wonder the Bible says do not boast about tomorrow...

Today, I found out coincidentally from a fellow staff, that Le's friend, McRon was a backslider. He was going to try out another CG that might be more suitable... But before he could do that, he passed on. Don't you think that's v v sad?

Another incident that made me feel that lives are precious... and it's really urgent and important for the lost to know Jesus today...

Another thing I learnt. I really appreciated Le calling me when he encountered a trial. He had been coming to church, willing to be taught, willing to change... but he also has a bad past. And bad habits are kind of hard to get rid of. But sometimes for people like him, we really got to give them time. He wants to change, he loves God.
He almost gave up once when I scolded him for oversleeping. But.. afterall this boy really wants to change and come back to God! So, from then on, I repented and decided I should give him special grace cos I think that's what Jesus would do. I don't think the tax collectors and prostitutes changed overnight!

Just now, Le called me while he was at the funeral. He sounded much better. He updated me that he felt confident for his prac. He also told me he will be going for the funeral everyday from tonight till Sunday's cremation. He also told me he will come for CG first b4 going down to the funeral. :) (I didn't ask nor did I expect him to!) He then told that he can't make it for Sunday service though cos of the cremation... And I said, 'Of cos! Go ahead ...' :)))

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