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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I believe in miracles!

I can't find my HP cable and so I can't upload my pictures and so I can't blog what I wanted to blog. Sighhhh... Where in the world is my cable?!

Anyway... I probably won't need it anymore after this week, cos my BBB is coming! BLACKBERRYBOLD. HAHAHA... Finally. And I am praying for a good set. I have been wavering about my decision to buy the BBB cos some of the staff experienced very sian probs with it. But I decided... JUST DO IT!

Last week, it was kind of a tough one for me. But as I blogged in my earlier post, I am making a conscious effort to live out the 4th dimension. And I am beginning to see little miracles blossoming here and there. God is amazing! God's word is amazing!!!

ONE. I was going for my last CG meeting with W351. We would be exchanging our last presents for the Angel & Mortal game. And Bernice had to come up with a difficult theme- Angel. And I only have 1.5hr to shop at Parkway on Sat morning before CG...

I just cannot find anything related to 'angel'. Then I came to Diva. I was on the verge of just getting some accessories for my mortal - Deb Lee and I could imagine saying to her:"Wow, you look angelic wearing THIS!"

As I stepped into the shop, I just thought of praying and asking God to show me an angel in the shop! "God, please show me an angel hanging on a chain or some earring...."

I combed through 9/10 of the shop... NOTHING 'angel'! Argh...

SUDDENLY... suddenly I saw a small silver chain... with the words '90% Angel' at a corner!!!


I immediately bought that necklace!

TWO. I offered my tuition services to a guy who used to come for service and joined my CG for awhile. He stopped attending for months already.

Anyway, he was having E Maths o levels paper 2 tomorrow @ 8am. I offered to teach him tonight in the office from 9-11pm provided he was willing to travel to my office.

He told me he felt bad cos he doesnt go to church. I said nevermind!!!

When he walked into the office with me, I prayed "God touch him somehow during this tuition!"

After the super crash course, he smsed me "Jerb, Sunday service as usual same time? Please book 2 seats for me."


Do you believe in miracles???

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