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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wii... Weeeeeee!!!

Yes, my 40" Samsung TV is here! Our lovenest seems a tad more complete now (:

(The TV looks a bit small here.... cos I got a BIG wall! Hahah!)

And guess what, my dear hubby bought sports Wii a few weeks ago. Yea, spending $$ to ignore me.....

Yesterday, he fixed it up and I tried my hand at it for the 1st time! 1 program which caught my interest was the Wii Fitness. It uses 3 sports (bowling, tennis and baseball) to test our Wii age. Dun ask me how accurate!

Anyway... so fun right??!!!!! Ya... and so I thought..... Until at the end of 3 games, my score was computed to be........


Anyway, I started playing tennis. I jumped, i swung, i PERSPIRED (Yeah! Burn those calories man!)...

Then Jared and David came along and had a 'tennis match'. Just look at how they play....

Seated down comfortably!!! Haiz..... I guess I am new to such techy stuffs... Well, there must always be a first time right?

Anyway, I had a bad ache in my arm after last night... Looking at this positively, I am believing muscles are being developed! (((: And.. with the Wii, I don't need to run anymore! HAHA!

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