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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Random lalas

Walked past Aldo. I mean, I wanted to walk past Aldo. But the word 'SALE' captured my attention. I think Jared would have thanked God it was Aldo - the accessories store and not the shoes one.

Anyway, I walked out with this.

Proof of purchase!

I only bought these 3 necklaces....

Jewelled flying heart pendant on a silver chain

Crystal pendant on a golden chain

3 layer necklace with green & pink trinklets

NICE! And the bestest part was that

I bought these for only....

Yes! $10 for 3 Aldo necklaces! What a steal!

Sakae Sushi Dinner with my sisters

We love salad.... Even the Jap one!

Introducing to you .... my comfort food. Best eaten when hungry, on cold nights.

Now you see it

Now you don't! (5 minutes' time)

My mad sister showing off the gifts she bought her CG members. She is soooo ... cute (?!) and she thinks others are like her. Sigh.

People say Val is looking more and more like me... True?? Maybe Val has become more feminine, prettier....? HAHA!

Signs of Cross bearing

Jared, here is proof that I've done the housework!

Someone get me some hand lotion!

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