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Monday, July 14, 2008

Jerb Jogged

Yes... These are my Nike running shoes... and Yes.... these are my feet in them. HAHA! I finally utilized the Bedok Sports stadium despite living so close to it! I am proud to say that I jogged 1.6 km and brisked walked for another 800m. WOW!
Now my legs are aching.... I really do hope I will keep this up! I do feel kinda motivated after today's run though! ;)

Talking about healthy... my cousin brought us to an organic food shop for lunch in M'sia. My cousin thought we would like it since we were rather health conscious. We thought we might like it too... until we saw (& tasted) our food.......

Sushi = Carrot, beancurd, cucumber and something sweet wrapped in kway teow. This... was the BEST dish.

Yea... I can't believe I ordered this. I double can't believe swallowing it.
By the way, it came with soup...... Interested to see how it looked like?

PUKE! I lost my appetite... But I should not waste food right? Then my cousin told me I was supposed to eat my dish like this......

People say I eat bird food just because I eat lots of greens... But wait till they see what I ate that day! YUCKS!

Finally... Dessert..... Thank God it was better than the main dish.. though it was still VERY healthy!
Freshly pounded yam paste with dates and gingko nuts.........................................

Anyway, today was walking around Century Square. @ Starbucks, i realized they don't just sell curry puffs, they sell Ugly Curry Puffs (looks out of shape... smart way for the lazy person to any how make curry puffs without buying/using the mould then sell them with this name) and Uglier Curry Puffs (the bigger version). I wonder if they sell these in the Starbucks in USA.....
Also, I saw a shop with a catchy name!

Ya! Pie Kia (Hokkien word for Hooligan). The menu is also like that. Small pies called Pie Kia, big pies were called Dua Pie Kia (Big Hooligan), drinks called Pie Lim (not nice to drink) Pie Seh (Embarrased), Pie Tan (Unprofitable). Hopefully the pies are not Pie Jia (Not tasty)! HAHA...

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