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Saturday, July 26, 2008

It's better to give than to receive!

Reached Tampines St. 82... Walked to coffeeshop and met Glad and WQ @ 7-11. Glad was holding a silver balloon. I volunteered to hold it for him, afraid he might be embarassed. Apparently my offer was kindly rejected. Glad has healthy self esteem. So Wilson decided to hold it as well....
The group size has grown with the addition of Sijia, Richard, Weizi and Yongle. The latter 2 are our Ah Bengs. Hee....
Anyway where is SANDY?? She is holding the cake and the present!
Sandy FINALLY reached. We moved over to Blk 842G's void deck. I thought we could execute our plan but we still had to w-a-i-t. This time for Trudy (the cousin of the victim) and Delphine.
I took pictures of the boys entertaining themselves while we were waiting...
They decided to take a proper picture...
F i n a l l l l y ALL reached. Including Afred who actually was waiting for Glad to study together... Or rather to pia homework overnight together. Trudy made a big card and we had to sign.

NOW NOW NOW.... one holding cake, one holding lighter, one holding balloon, one holding card, one holding flower, a few holding plastic bags, a few carrying presents.... Together we shuffled in unison and quietly up the lift, along the narrow corridor. HAHAHAHA!!! What a sight! I wanted to take a pic of us shuffling. But I was carrying ... something (I can't remember what!).
Outside the door, I ringed the victim's dad. Victim's dad opened the door wide. We sighted the victim. I started to "Happy birthda......" Victim ran into her room! Ala! Made me so paiseh....
We took off our slippers and ran in. Victim came out (she went into her room to comb her hair! So... So ...beautiful...! Haha!) and we "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JASSSSMMMIIINNNNNEEEE.... GOD IS BLESSING YOU NOW....!"

We then presented the MANY presents.
  • Flower
  • Balloon
  • Card
  • Earrings - E99
  • Necklace - Sandy, Rich and me
  • Blouse - Delphine & Trudy
  • Something from Sijia & Lester
  • Adidas watch - St Hildas' boys!
When the last item was presented, we all swung around in one accord, at the same time to face WQ and Wahed @ him (our King Koil boy). "Weiqiang Ge, our birthday coming soon!!!! Remember us!!!" HAHAHAHA!
Anyway, Jasmine said (and we could tell) that she felt so blessed. I think there were some tears welling up in my eyes. How true it is that it is more blessed to give than to receive! :)
Anyway, all in all we spent about 40 min @ Jas's house!
Why?? Because we were click click clicking away!!!
Afred learnt something today(from Trudy)...Instead of saying 'cheese!', we can say '西瓜甜不甜?甜!' He kept saying that whenever we took pictures. Um... Afred, you so cute.... ;p
So signing off, we want to say:

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