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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I never understood why people liked teddy bears, do you?

When Val asked me to get a bear for Jennie's birthday, I was rather doubtful.Why would any girl like to receive bears and not something practical like clothes or bags or make-up etc...?? ;p

Anyway, I was ordered to get a bear, a CUSTOM-MADE one... from Suntec's Build-A-Bear shop. I remembered walking past the shop with a snigger... It shouldn't last more than 3 months!

So, here I was, walking into the Bear shop alone. Val told me the bear had to be 'the black one'. But but there were so many nice pink ones, polka dotted ones, furry brown ones... !!!

Why the BLACK plain one??

Ok, nevermind. I picked up the black bear.

The next step was to stuff the bear. The sales assistant kindly asked me to step on a pedal which will stuff the bear with fluffy cotton. Before she sealed the back of the bear, she asked me to pick up a red, cotton heart which was to be put into the bear. *Aww, how sweet....

Now, here's the embarrassing part. Without warning, the lady asked me to do the following.... which I obediently did.....

Hold the heart in your hands cupped together

Close your hands

Shake it 3 times to your left

Then shake it 3 times to your right (*Good girrrl*)

Open up your hands

Close your eyes and make a wish (I was almost dying of embarrassment at this point of time.... Hey! This is not going to be my bear anyway! I am just buying a gift and I am NOT a kid, hello??!)

Now open your eyes & blow that wish onto your heart

*O man......... Kill me......

I quickly walked away with my naked, but plump bear. Hope no one saw me. Coast is clear. Only 2 kids with their parents in the store. *Phew?! HAHA!

Ok, now comes the more enjoyable part of this shopping experience. The clothes! Jennie wanted a male teddy bear. And there were so many outfits to choose from!

I called Val again to check which outfit I should get. "Navy uniform? Taekwando attire?" And she said "PLAIN... Plain T-shirt and jeans".

Hmm... OK... It's really going to be a good ol' plain black bear!

There were really many accessories to choose from also. But I really don't believe in spending too much on A BEAR. So, I finished it off with a pair of boots. Not too bad afterall. :)

And while the sales assistant was helping to dress the bear (!), I was guided to a computer to generate the birth cert for the bear. How cool! I had to choose a name.... Quick quick think...

Ah Ben!

HAHA... Please don't ask me why! And no, it's NOT Jared's pet name...

So, here's my finished product. or rather my created masterpiece.


I had to pay for him at the cashier. And the receipt looked like this....

Bear - $26.90
Shirt - $10.90
Faded Denim Jeans - $12.90
Boots - $14.90
TOTAL - $65.60

WOW! For a bear.....

After the whole thing, Ah Ben is finally going home now.... in a house literally....

What an experience!!! I think the kids would like it better....

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