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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Thank You

It's been a month since I have officially become a Mrs (Aarghh!) Lim aka Mdm (Eeeks!) Lim. :) Even though the honeymoon is over (Hmm... I haven't seen Jared's funny Santorini post... he must be busy being Husband Lim... Hee), I must say we had a great 1 month so far even back @ home in sg (and I am praying that it just keeps getting better!)!

Today, I met Lillian and she told me God has been very good to me. I can't help but agree as I reflect on the so many things I could thank God for.

1. I thank God for the financial blessings from people during our wedding,

2. I thank God for a fun wedding, (like what Jared said, I think it's the best wedding I have ever attended! HAHA! [He's going to kill me!])

3. I thank God I am able to go for the lovliest Europe honeymoon (city-check, museums-check, beach - check, mountains - check, sea - check, snow alps - check, Shopping - check!, Disneyland - check),

4. I thank God for a great husband... he washes the clothes every other day, he swept and mopped the floor last week, he makes the bed this week that I leave the house MUCH earlier than him, he heated up and prepared dinner for me just now (but he forgot to wash it up for me....). On a more serious note - I really LOVE my hubby. =)

5. I thank God for a super duper mother-in-law... She buys so many stuffs for my new home, gets the maid to help pack my home, always asking me to eat delicious meals at her place....

6. I thank God for superb siblings who constantly smses me they love and miss me... (even though they have escaped to Phuket for almost a week, since yesterday without me.....)

THANK YOU GOD!!! I feel so blessed! You are my Abba Father who never fails to look after me. :)))

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