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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Greetings from Greece...

Hey everybody! Yahsu(Hello)! Greetings from GREECE!!!

Here I am in my hotel room in Mykonos Island typing away cos yesterday I got sunburnt badly whilst touring some historical sites (Acropolis, Ruins of temple of Zeus etc) in Athens city... so sad. The Beaches here are beautiful! It's almost UNREAL. I thot if there is such a beautiful place on Earth... then can u imagine HEAVEN? Wow!

Anyway, so far... we took almost a day (16 hours) to fly from SG to Greece. We stayed 2 days there... Like what my hubby said... u just throw a stone and u will reach another historical site here... HAHA. Well that's a little exaggerated. But I must say that these sites are in the midst of the city. And the city though situated in Europe, is not developed at all. In fact, the tour guide told us it is an agricultural country.

I think i can't upload the pics here I took in Athens. So do look it up on my facebook.

Ciao... going off to shop at Mykonos Town. I hope I can find something! =)

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