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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Greek Food....

Yahsu! It's my last day in Mykonos... Leaving the best hotel in our entire stay in Europe... Sob sob... so before we depart, we are going to take a llloooonnnggg bath and eat the most out of our breakfast buffet! HAHA... how Singaporean right?

Breakfast by the poolside, facing the Agean Sea... magazine picture perfect!

Anyway, although the food here is getting a little boring... due to the lack of variety... and I must say that their food is rather dry... I miss the saucey food and... of course my chilli from S'pore! They do have some foods that are really good and that Jared & I are looking forward to try to recreate when we are back home! Now, let me share some with u...

Disclaimer: These receipes are NOT from the Greek kitchen! But it's what I suppose it should be. Try at your own risk! =p



Creamy plain yogurt, honey, walnuts (crushed), fruits including canned tropical fruits, fresh fruits like kiwi, green apple, strawberries.

How to do

Scoop the yogurt and dump everything in!



French fries (the thick wedges sold in supermarkets), eggs, milk?

How to do

Fry the fries till crispy golden brown. Meanwhile, break lots of eggs and stir adding salt and pepper in. Pour the eggs onto the fries and cook. Fry till golden brown.



Giant potato (get those with skins that can be eaten), cheese, herbs, ham, bacon bits, cream sauce.

How to do

Boil the potato till soft. Cut it into half. With each half, dig out the potato carefully leaving a thin layer together with the potato skin intact. Cut the dug out potato into small cubes, stir in cut pieces of ham. Add salt and pepper to taste. Pour this mixture back into the potato skins. Sprinkle herbs and cheese flakes GENEROUSLY. Pour cream sauce all over and bake.

GREEK EGG (Strapatsatha)


Eggs, milk, Tomatoes and onions

How to do

Chop up the tomatoes and onions. Cook scrambled eggs with the eggs and milk (I assume u know how...), throw in the diced tomatoes and onions and add abit of sugar and salt and pepper to taste. Do not cook till brown. It should be a nice sunny yellow color.


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