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Monday, April 14, 2008

33 more days....!

I can't believe it.... It's just 33 days more to my Actual Day!!!

The realization that all the small things needs to be settled is dawning upon me & Jared now. Buying bed stuffs, moving home, writing invitation cardS, choosing which car to rent, confirming the Actual Day nitty gritties.... And with our tight schedules, we only have 4 more Sundays & Mondays to do everything (not forgetting EOGM, PM & Ncrs' Dinner)! But I must say, though time seems tight, and the stress is setting in, I am enjoying almost every minute of the buying and planning with Jared. Time together :)... Even though there would be inevitable arguments, disagreements, but the doing things together is something I really treasure. I am looking forward to sharing my life with the love of my life!

Anyway, here are events that have happened over the last couple of weeks...


Took picture of the Lobster salad... Cos we were shocked... or rather awed at the huge portion that the restaurant served and wanted to ask our hotel manager if they were going to keep this portion for our guests on the actual day! We checked with our manager and she confirmed the size would remain for all tables that day... No worries! HAHA! (Jasmine, keep some for Dajie!)

The soft shell crab portion was also humongous! Yums....

CG MEETING @ HIDEOUT CAFE (Bedok North St 3... Near Blk 85)

Is this Joel deep in worship??

Nah, rather he was being tortured in a game of Twister after losing a telematch.

Now, who is this?? Let's take a closer look....

HAHA! Melvin.... Pls don't drool hoh!

This is another very gan cheong game our CG played at Hideout... It involved a bomb....

The bosses at Hideout were really accomodating to us! We had praise & worship there, free flow drinks and games at $6 for 3 hours and they even were going to invest in a projector so that we can project the lyrics of our songs there! Wow... Good investment! :))



U got to go have a look and a dinner at this place - Robertson Walk. It's like a town, not in S'pore... A little like Holland V except it's beside the Singapore River. Lots of (average - expensive) restaurants here and there are large TV screens outdoors. Great place to dine and chill out!

I ordered a boneless chicken with seasonal vege & potatoes entree... I thot it would look something like ----
But it came like....
This! Rojak chicken.... But I must say the sauce was very tasty!

Nathan!!! He loved the french fries....
The pizza looks BIGGG....
The end.
Have a great week ahead!

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