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Saturday, March 01, 2008

Widget = A portable chunk of the web

Have been BUSY dan... couldn't update my blog....

But check out my new Widget! Look at the hot pink countdown timer on your right! Intro-ed to me by my ZS. Thanks to u Boss, I dun have to count my days everytime I forget to keep track on my MSN! HAHA! Niceeee.... 76 more days!!!

We've just settled our menu for our holy mat.... Choc fondue included!
Yumyum. Yea... I hope I'd be able to eat on that day.... If u r my friend and reading my blog, pls remember to dabao some food for me on my big day!

Anyway, this week many things happened....

Doesn't it feels shuang for AN INSTANT to say something (wrong), which u do not mean in your heart.... then you end up fully regreting those words later. No wonder the Bible says 'be quick to listen, slow to wrath and slow to speak..." How applicable! So, I am learning to treasure. Learning to trust. Learning to love unconditionally.

No matter what, U r my good friend, & friends are friends forever through the thickest and thinest! :)))

Signing off with a sudden craving of drinking salted veg+duck soup with rice + chilli padi....

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