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Monday, March 31, 2008

Water Baptism on 30th March 2008 - Deb & Kenneth

Before the baptism....
Trying to get a NORMAL photo...

I give up! I think Kenneth is TOO excited about his baptism!

This could possibly be the MOST crowded baptism I've ever attended.

(I lifted up my hand to get a shot... and i captured Weiwen in the photo! Didnt know he was here. HAHA!)

After Kenneth & Deborah got baptized, our CGs celebrated with them, by....
SABOING them! Buahahaha!!!

A conversation with Yaozong.
YZ: Jerb, how come baptism got apple to eat one?
Jerb: For fun. But it also means that the candidate becomes the apple of God's eye.
YZ: Is it? Jerb, when I get water baptised next time, please prepare a BASKETFUL of apples for me!

Jerb thot Yaozong is VERY spiritual... But I realized mabbe not....

He is just VERY hungry... (He is hungry... all the time)

YZ: Jerb, Kenneth don't want to share :(

Photo-taking time!
It's just so difficult to take a photo of 3 of the youngest boys in my CGs... so I..... just took! Melvin was the most enthu.

When it comes to photo-taking, gals are much better! :))) Enjoy!

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