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Saturday, March 01, 2008


Suddenly decided to blog about my favorite garnish/side dish... Presenting to you... (If u know me fairly well, u would have known what!):

Not just the big red/green ones, not just the sauce... but I PARTICULARLY, ESPECIALLY have a love relationship with the small chilli padi (CP)!!! Do you know I buy a packet of chilli padis and keep in my fridge. Every time I eat cai fan, I will cut 3 CPs up to eat with my meal. No CPs, no appetite. (I am serious!)

Here are my rankings of the various versions of chillis (from best to worst):
1. Chilli padi - Raw, cut, in soya sauce
2. Sambal - The nonya kind
3. Chilli - The longer red version of the CP... Not fiery at all ...
3. (Tie!) Chicken rice chilli - The one with garlic and ginger
4. Green Chilli
5. Chilli sauce (in a bottle or packet) - Give me the Sinsin's HOT! version please!
6. Tabasco sauce - You can't eat CP with sphaggeti right??
7. Fried chilli - The one you see in HK restaurants to eat with tim sum or with duck rice/wanton mee? .. The amount of oil it floats in absolutely grosses me out... I'll have this one if NO other choice.

What?? U don't eat chilli?? O man... what have you been living on? Besides the shiokness you get from eating it, it has many IMPORTANT health benefits! So, here's reading myself happy... Quoting from the Brands' health website...

"Recently, the effects of capsaicin on boosting fat metabolism have received much attention and proven."

"Yoshika et al. (1998) further investigated the effect of red pepper added to high-fat diet and high-carbohydrate meals on energy metabolism and nutrient utilization in Japanese women. Results of the study indicate that red pepper increases diet-induced thermogenesis (i.e. energy generation) and fat oxidation or so-called fat-burning."

Interested to try now?? Heehee... Maybe CP is the reason why I haven't put on weight these couple of years since my chilli input in my diet majorly increased! But honestly... the hot, burning sensation you get from eating chilli DOES really make you feel as if you have just 'burnt' away the food you have eaten!

Other key uses of chilli are:
Fat reduction, Aid digestion, Circulatory system health (traditional), Pain relief (topical application). It also contains Vitamins A, C & E!!!


....................................................... dump the tomato sauce! :)))

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