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Saturday, March 15, 2008

IT show 2008

I have never stepped into or wanted to even try step into an IT fair. I am that kind who would rather pay more than squeeze in the crowd for some bargains.

And just when I thought this year would be no different, on 9th March 2008, the last day of IT show 2008, the last hour.... Jared decided to visit the IT show to sign up for a broadband promotion!


So off we went to Suntec at 8PM.... And here's the situation when we reached.

Even if you are blind and someone pulled you to this place, you would still know this is the IT fair. The yakkety yak of thousands of individuals, chi-chink* of the cashiers, the le-long songs that the salesmen (who can't sing!) were bellowing... then this aunty who was very fierce, scolding her little kid.... What a crowd....!

Finally, we found what we were looking for!

..... and.....

the promo that Jared was looking for!
SO we've got a free PC after queuing for a short ONE hour! :)))

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