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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Beauty Questions

OK... if you are a guy, you can probably skip this entry... unless you want to inform your girlfriend or wife.... :)

I came across these 10 Beauty Questions I thought I had answers to... but 'teh', I (& most prob you!) was wrong! So for u girls, let's find out if you have some Beauty IQ....

Question #1: Brushing your hair as many times a day makes it healthier. TRUE/FALSE?

Over-brushing is possibly the main culprit of split ends & hair breakage. This is especially so when your hair is wet. So once your hair is untangled, stop brushing! Ans: False.

Question #2: Cutting hair makes it grow faster. TRUE/FALSE?

From young, I was told that the more you cut your hair, the faster it grows. That's why guys need a haircut every other week and girls tried growing their eyelashes by trimming them! Well well.... please prepare yourself for this - That hair is like grass and cutting the bottom of it has ABSOLUTELY NO effect on the root! (But trimming your head hair *HAHA* is good as it gets rid of damaged ends). Shaving hair anywhere else does not make the regrown hair thicker or longer. *Phew! Ans: False!

Question #3: Pluck one grey hair and two will grow back. TRUE/FALSE?

When you pull out one strand of grey/white hair, another strand of hair will emerge... one which is about to surface sooner or later. This gives the appearance of two strands of hair. Ans: False.

Question #4: Dandruff is caused by dry scalp. TRUE/FALSE?

Dry scalps can flake but the worst kind of dandruff is actually caused by an oily scalp which causes produces yeast (... found in bread??!!) that leads to excessive skin renewal. Ans: True & false.

Question #5: Leaving mascara on will make lashes thicker. TRUE/FALSE?

In the short term, yes. However, in the long run, if you do not clean your mascara off properly, your lashes will become brittle and prone to breakage. So... invest in that good bottle of eye cleanser! Ans: False.

Question #6: Wearing a tight ponytail can cause baldness. TRUE/FALSE?

Wearing too-tight hairstyles like buns, braids & ponytails over a long period of time can cause a hair loss condition! So wear your hairstyles loose occasionally. Ans: True!

Question #7: Washing hair regularly is harmful. TRUE/FALSE?

If you do not wash your hair/scalp, bacteria will form in this warm and oily (at your scalp) atmosphere. So wash it well with good quality shampoo... no matter how regularly. Ans: False.

Question #8: Makeup bases are not neccessary. TRUE/FALSE?

My sister recently asked me if the sunscreen is a cheaper alternative to makeup bases (that was what a beauty counter staff advised her). Well.... it's NOT. Foundation is also not enough. Even though foundation gives you an even complexion, the makeup base brightens up your complexion and gives you that natural look. Ans: False.

Question #9: Only one facial feature should be emphasied. TRUE/FALSE?

This is generally true. Emphasizing 2 or more sometimes makes you look 'fake', overdone and even like a clown! However, in the evening, you can afford to go heavier on more than 1 feature. Ans: Generally true.

Question #10: Heavy makeup stops the skin from being able to 'breathe'. TRUE/FALSE?

Sometimes, the feel of thick heavy makeup on your face makes you think that your skin is 'suffocating'. However, really the only way oxygen is supplied to your skin cells is through blood supply. Even though a heavy foundation or moisturizer hinders absorption to some extent, but they don't stop the actual oxygen needed to nourish your skin. Just remember to cleanse well and use lightweight moisturizers. Ans: False.

That's ALL! Hope this helps you as much as it did for me!

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