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Sunday, February 03, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai....

Hong Bao kwai dian na lai!

Sadly, this would be my last year receiving Ang Baos! :( So, I am praying that I get a good harvest this year!

Anyway, both my CGs had steamboat CG meetings. A number of irregulars and new friends joined us! I am believing strongly that as each individual in E99 & W351 prays up and make a conscious effort to win souls, truly the harvest will come and become fruits that remain!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

Anyway, I must say I have never had steamboats for 2 consecutive days before! Thank God my family don't eat steamboat for CNY. We would always have nice, yummie Chinese dishes like curry chicken, braised sea cucumber, brocolli with scallops, chicken feet (yums), fried chicken, pig's trotters (hmm..not soo nice), pig's stomach soup etc etc. Man... I am drooling already.

Anyway, after CG meeting, everyone tried to play chef.... and we could attest to the proverb that 'too many cooks spoil the broth.'... and during this experience we could separate out the real cooks and the fake ones and the wannabes... HAHA!

We had lao yu sheng as well! My E99 obviously was lost for words... whilst my W351... everyone was TRYING to say something!

Yusheng (before & after)

We celebrated birthdays! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Joseph & Marcus!!!

Also, not only is CNY coming... Valentine's Day is also coming!!! I want to think of a very good idea for this V day for dear. Not cos V day is the only time of the year to show how much you love your dear ones... BUT this is the day, I can go an EXTRA EXTRA mile to show how much I love and appreciate him! Any good ideas? Pls feel free to SMS me! ;)

Anyway, to all the couples (potential or current, above 16 years of age) here's a list of restaurants kindly generated by our very own Hospitality Manager - the pro... Ps Yong!!!

1) Mama Lucia's Churrascara brazilian steak house(buffet style steak $$$),RIVER VALLEY
2) Black Angus Steak house(steak & American food $$), FULLETON/ORCHARD
3) Tavern's Steak house(very good steak $$$$), RIVER VALLEY
4) Outback steak house(steak & American food $$$), MILLENIA WALK
4) Brazilian Steak Steakhouse(buffet style steak $$), VIVO CITY
5) Mama Lucia bistro(only italian pasta & pizza $$), RIVER VALLEY
6) Senso(italian $$$$), CLUB ST
7) Song of India(North Indian $$$$$), SCOTTS RD
8) Spizza(good pizza $$), BALMORAL RD/CLUB ST
9) Modesto(italian $$$$), ORCHARD
10) Mumtaz Mahal(North Indian $$), FAR EAST PLAZA
11) Rang Mahal(North Indian $$$$$), PAN PACIFIC HOTEL
12) Shima Japanese Restaurant(Japanese Buffet $$$$), GOODWOOD PARK HOTEL
13) Tonkichi(Japanese fried food $$), SUNTEC/TAKA/LIDO
14) Inagiku(Japanese teppanyaki & others $$$$$), SWISSOTEL
15) Club Chinois(Fusion Chinese & French $$$$), ORCHARD
16) Sebastian's(French $$$), BUKIT TIMAH
17) Pete's Place(italian $$$), HYATT HOTEL

Pls note: $$ - under 40 per pax, $$$ - under 60/pax, $$$$ - under 90/pax, $$$$$ - above 120 to fainting!

You may want to call and find out their special menu for Valentine Day and book early.


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