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Thursday, January 03, 2008

A short visit to KL...

What were you doing on New Year's Day 1/1/08?? Sleeping? Going out with friends?

My siblings and I awoke early @ 5:30am on the 1st day of the New Year to catch our bus to KL... Not for leisure, but to visit Di Gor (2nd Aunt) who has been hospitalised. It was a short 2 day 1 night trip as we had to rush back for Jas's 1st day @ school on 3/1.

Upon arrival in the afternoon, we headed for The General Hospital @ KL. Jennie told us not to get a shock as the hospital's standard cannot be compared to S'pore's at all. BTW, she told us the cost went something like this:

Deposit for registration of stay @ hospital - RM1
Accomodation & food - RM10-20 per day
X-ray - RM2
The patient next to my aunt who stayed for 5 days had a bill of only RM88!!!

The corridor looked like some old school...

The ward... It's probably like B class.

I dun mean to take a pic of Jas. But the old pedestal beside her!

Signs to indicate the patients' special requirements!

Notice board of the ward & patients' details.

We had a good time talking to Di Gor. We could tell she was touched and v happy we were there. She sure had a hearty appetite even though she said she was full!

After the visit, my cousins extended their usual hospitality to us -- by bringing us for a glutton trail!!!

First, we had an early dinner at a steamboat buffet restaurant.

Guess what the people are crowding around? An empty tray! Cos every 15min, the kitchen would bring out a tray of BBQ chicken wings which are reputedly delicious and succulent. People are crowding around the empty tray once the 15 minutes are about up. And once the tray comes... people snatch like crazy! I thought only S'poreans are kiasu!!!

After a filling dinner, we went to walk about the newly opened Niu Che Shui (which is NOT Chinatown. Chinatown is KL's Petaling Street).

The streets are lined with fake cherry blossom trees and with pink and blue lights!

And, new year means Chinese New Year is coming soon!

As we were window shopping, Jas was particularly attracted to this shop.....

Sweets galore!

Open air 2-storey coffee shop.

Us & cousins! :))

You can't believe it. After walking here, we proceeded to have SUPPER after our BUFFET DINNER!!!

We can never miss out eating prata in M'sia!!! Even S'pore's best is nothing compared to any coffeeshop's in M'sia!

We ordered 2 Poms (Plain balls, more savory than sweet, with air inside, comes with curries)

And another thing we ordered, is our favorite, very long/tall.... Roti Tissue!!! (A pyramid looking, flat piece of prata that is crispy, with sugar & honey.... YUMS!)

Look at it!!! It costs RM5 and requires 3 plates to lay it upon!

After supper the day ended...
The next day was a short day. We only visited Di Gor again and was v happy to hear that she will be discharged the next day...after 2 weeks!!! Thank God! We prayed for her in Chinese and hugged her. Tears came into her eyes... which was rare cos she was a strict woman. We guessed it was bcos our family in M'sia has been thro difficult times, and they do not express love. Seeing her smile and tear also brought tears to Val's and my eyes. We promised her we will be back 1 month later for Chi New Year... and she looked v v glad. Really pray for God's protection over her life and health...

So we are coming back to S'pore to spend the rest of a even stronger, better 2008!

Signing off.... the toenailess sistas who love pedicure! =)

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