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Friday, January 11, 2008

My new home!

Last night, I was very domesticated. I went to my new home to clean it. Clean = Sweep, vacuum & mop. Wow.

Went to my new home again cos today the movers are moving a piece of my furniture... I am really beginning to be excited about my new home. Cos it is beginning to look like one! I love the black tiles, I love the glass door, I love the cute wallpaper, I love the bar counter (Thks to Lillian & Mr Cheng for 2 lovely bar stools!), I love the atas-looking toilets, I love the mosaic tiles in my kitchen... I love my new home! Can't wait to fill it up with the furniture & accessories. Hmm... Ya, Jared likes the furniture part (wait till u hear him talk about the various brands of washing machines, TVs, vacuum cleaners, dryers, beds, fridges, etc... More well-versed than my mum I say!) and I... love the accessories part. Hee :)

Yesterday I was having dinner with dear and discussing about the wedding details alittle. It's really coming! The 1 year 3 months of wait has been reduced to a short 4 months!!! And alot of $$$ to say goodbye farewell to.... My shopping places, bags & stuffs I buy has been changed drastically... I shop near our new home, carry red plastic bags instead of black paperbags & buy stuffs I have never bought before in my life........ Just like today... I bought a leather cleaner, a duro lock, a door no-bump... Unbelievable!

Anyway, I think it's going to be quite exciting and I think hectic 4 months of wedding preps!

So before signing off, let me intro you to the cheapest (i think) sugarcane drink you can ever buy in Singapore!!!
Jared took his $5 bill out when he saw the auntie approaching our table with the 2 medium sized glasses of sugarcane. Then the auntie said, "Yi kuai liu mao." We looked at each other with disbelief and Jared put back his $5 bill and took out the $2 instead!
80 cents sugarcane... U tell me where to find??!
Then we ate wanton & dumpling kway teow from this stall...
The digital queue sign got us to think this stall must be popular!!! But I personally think, it's so so only...
These stalls are found @ Queenstown hawker centre (opp Queensway Shopping Centre).
You can go there for cheap shopping @ Ikea and Queensway Shopping Centre then head for cheap food.
Ok, ciao now. Believing & praying for a great FIRST CG of 2008 this Friday & Saturday!!!

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