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Monday, January 28, 2008

January 2008!

This month has been a fast-moving one for me... Especially in terms of W.O.R.K. Life has really been busy with all the compliance issues. But whenever I feel stretched and stressed... I just have to look at my boss...

One minute I see him making decisions about Pastl Admin, then sign some forms and answer some questions regarding HR, then nodding at some Office Admin requests, and replying the possibly hundreds of internal and external emails daily, then going for Board/Sub-comms/External Meetings, then attending Pastl meetings, then going to teach BS/Bible Sch, after that rushing to counsel membrs, then at night go down and preach and lay hands during Ldrs' Meeting, then another night spending dinner time with his family, then weekends taking some segments of the church meeting, then meeting Ps.... (I might have missed many many more stuffs) Then I realise my work is definitely relatively MUCH lesser and I shut my mind's mouth up! HAHAHAHA!

Anyway, I am praying for my work... for:

1. Greater capacity

2. Wisdom

3. Fruitfulness & effectiveness

4. A good memory!

5. Favor

6. Greater sensitivity to the Holy Spirit

& like what Ps Kong preached 2 Sundays ago, I need to grow in my confidence!!! CONFIDENCE... DO NOT CAST AWAY YOUR CONFIDENCE... AS A MAN THINKS HE IS, SO IS HE... I CAN DO ALL THINGS THRO CHRIST WHO STRENGTHENS ME... LIVE BY FAITH!

Really had suffered self esteem problems since my teenage years. Even though I am now a Christian walking with the Lord, but won't you agree with me that confidence is not an automatic feeling? It takes deliberateness and diligence to train my thoughts, to gather courage to step out, to constantly encourage myself. The stony ground whereby the seed doesn't take root will not and cannot withstand the storms (aka failures and hardships) of life! So I really appreciate the series of messages that Pastor Kong had prepared that week regarding confidence. It's really so important for me. :) Thanks Ps for your word in season!

Anyway, here's some happenings in Jan '08!

Jasmine's birthday celebration! HAPPY BIRTHDAY & WELCOME TO THE TWENTY CLUB! Buahahaha!

Sandra's Jayvon was born on 23 Jan 2008, at 4:23PM in Room 8123 (Note the no. of '23's that appeared! And the Room No. is his birthdate! Wah, too bad I don't buy number...)

We were all encouraging Wendy to GO FOR IT! Heehee...

CGLs Appreciation Dinner

I've learnt tonight from Dr ARB... that I need to know:

WHO AM I - A servant. WHAT I DO - Lead.
When I know I am a servant, there's nothing I will not do cos there's nothing lower than servanthood.

So, signing off... and counting down 110 days (3 mths 19 days) to our BIG day. :)

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