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Sunday, December 23, 2007

He came!!!

What a day today! It's not just the beginning of the X'mas services, it's also dee day we get to 'sit at the feet' of the great man of God and listen to his views and opinions! What an honor!!!

A few things I learnt today:

Leaders are not people who lead by their talk. They lead by example.
If I am generous, my members will be generous. If I work hard, my members will work hard. If I love people, my members will love people. If I love to pray and pray, my members will pray.
Less talk and more action.

Do not cast your confidence away. Without faith, it is impossible to please God.
When God fills us with His Holy Spirit, He does not take away our personality. He will take away the bad stuffs... but He made us special and unique and loves us for who we are.
Eg: I am an 'S'. On the quiet side. My younger sister on the other hand is a high 'I' and VERY noisy. VERY. But... I LOVE her for who she is, just as she is. I do not want her to put up an act in front of me to try to please me. She can just be herself and she knows very well that I love her as she is!

Being confident comes from understanding who you are in God. You leverage on your personality and strengths, know your purpose, and with this, make a difference in the world you live in!

We can love God wholeheartedly, love people fervently AND live life to the max.
Jesus came to give us life and life in abundance! ALOT, LOADS, MANY, OVERFLOWING, MUCH, ABUNDANCE, LEFT OVER, MORE THAN ENOUGH, TOO MUCH, INCREASING, MAXIMUM kind of life! That's the life IN God!

Lastly,.... 2008 will be a year of STRENGTHENING! The people who know their God will be strong! Those willing to be taught will learn. I am excited for the new year. New year means new beginnings, new things! Can't wait!

And today, we started off well @ Expo! The rain did not stop the people from coming for the X'mas celebration! Great praise & worship, Great drama, Great Word, bazaar, carnival.... Who could give such a celebration a miss??

And before I sign off... I leave you with the Eating Fest a.k.a Eating Competition. My dear Yaozong, Richard and CK joined! 4 groups of 3.... hungry and ready to win the $100 Isetan voucher!

The food - A stack of plain white bread, a plate of plain cream crackers, 1 1.5l coke and half a watermelon.

The 3 E99+W351 hopeful contestants. Is Richard saying grace for his food?

Ready, get set, GO!

YZ's 1st feat was to pick up 4 slices of bread, twist them together and squeeze them into his mouth.

CK busy conquering the watermelon!

CK finished his watermelon!

And...... these 3 finished.....


Umm.... I m proud of you guys! (?) HAHA!

They've decided they will join this competition after each service and sweep up all the Isetan vouchers.... Hmmmm......

See u for another great service tomorrow!

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