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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Sunday service was AWESOME!

Today's church service was SOLID!!!

1st, we heard the 12-year old Ritchell Lim from U.K. play the keyboard as well as sing songs composed by herself! She had been composing songs since 6 years old and now has 2 albums to her name.

Born talented??
I forgot to tell you... She's blind...

When she shared her testimony about how God is her strength and who will guide and protect her, she shared as if she was a perfect little girl... Nothing wrong in her life. She was just thankful to God for her talents and admitted that without God, she could do nothing. Man... the tears just rolled down my cheeks (S Jiahui's too... Heehee).

If she, being so young and blind, have nothing to complain about and on the other hand, never gave up on her dreams... What more us who have eyes, hands, feet and a good life? Let us really use what we have to glorify and serve God!

Read more about her @

Then, Ps Kong preached a solid solid sermon about "Shutting up!" HAHA! He shared a message we haven't heard before about how we must move from Tradition (what we are used to) ---> Transition (an uncomfortable place, but that which will propel us to the next level) ---> Transformation. What a great message for 2008! I don't want to do the same in 2008 God! I will definitely seek God and ask for a new dream for the new year!!!

Ps also shared about how men and women should treasure relationships esp. marriage. It's saddening to know that the divorce rate in church could be similar to the rate in the world! Afterall, we are all imperfect human beings. But really, marriage is about commitment, love - give and take. I told myself I will not be complacent.... Just because IJared & I are CGLs... Doesn't mean we will automatically have a fairy tale marriage. But we both need to work (Yup, not automatic...) towards a marriage that is Christ-centered and that the word 'divorce' will NEVER be in our dictionaries. It must NEVER be an option!

So, do catch Ps Kong Hee's sermon this coming week @ if you have not heard it or if you need to refresh yourself in God's word again!

Once again signing off and believing for 50,000!

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