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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thanksgiving CG 2007

This year is probably the 1st year in my life in CHC I did my Thanksgiving CG on a CG level. But of course not exactly so since I combined my 2 CGs. It was a wonderful time of appreciating and cheering one another on. EVERYONE is IMPORTANT in the CG!

We had a good time breaking ice! Just look at them!

After P&W, I started appreciating the members who had made a difference in 2007....

Best Evangelist
This person brought 8-10 friends to church in a period of 5 months with us. He's always very excited to reach out and is responsible to invite them back. His cheery attitude and bright smile has caused him to be a winsome soul-winner! This important award goes to....

JOEL LEE W351!!!

Daniel/Esther Award
This award goes to the sharp dresser and talented individual. Important to look your best cos you are representing the King of Kings! This award very obviously goes to....

Our beauty queen - DEBORAH CHAN W351

LOUD!!! Award
For the loudest or most talkative individual. Good for him/her cos no game, no party, no CG is boring with this person around. The loudest goes to...


Servanthood Award
This is the faithful, available behind-the-scenes person who makes things happen even when no one notices, appreciates, reminds him/her.... Solid la! A big applause to all the seat-bookers, refreshment and birthday ICs, helpers, ministry workers etc. But this year, this award goes to the person who went the extra mile literally... (She stays in the West, but CG, SVC, ministry, BS are all in the east!!! Once, she was the only available one to come down all the way to Expo to meet up and get to know 6 of our new friends after service!)...

WENDY TOH W351!!! (The Xiaomeimei who has over the years rose up and took ownership! Thank you!!!)

Best Student Award
This person balances studies, ministry, CCA the best! He/she scored 12 points for O levels prelims and during the exam period never failed to put God first in all he/she does by continuing to serve in ministry, and attending every single CG and SVC. Also a student councilor in school! Wahhhh!!! This person is none other than....

NICOLE DE SOUZA W351!!! Well done!

Long Distance Award
This person loved God and served God longest in church, participated in more Arise and Builds than any of us... So I awarded this person for his/her sticking with God through thick and thin in life....

AMY TAN E99!!!

Braveheart Award
This award had no other nominees. This person was hospitalized during A levels, had various kinds of family problems. BUT never failed to keep on praying and confessing positively. Always kept on trusting in God for the best. Never got bitter with God. In fact during Xmas, tried his/her best to invite his/her friends and family members to church and his/her mum got saved! SOLID!


Transformer Award
3 persons got nominated for this special award. These 3 lived out God's word actively this year and as a result, the power of God's word at work in their lives were the most evident. Yup, transformation comes by strong decisions during tough, inconvenient times! All-male nominations... Well done to Joel, Richard and Weiqiang!!!

The most radical of them quitted smoking, fighting, speaking vulgarities and wrong activities within 6 months! Now, loves God, serves God in ministry, helping around actively in CG and in as many areas as he can, brought 7 of his friends to church and is continually reaching out even to his family! He is none other than ....

Richard Dylan Sue E99!!!

So to ALL the nominees and award winners, I am SOOOOO proud of ALL of you! E99 & W351, let us keep on walking close to God and walking out our purposes in Him in 2008! It will just keep getting stronger and better!!!

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