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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Precious family time.... Finally!

At 13 Dec, Thursday, 6.20pm, Valo suddenly MSNed me if we wanted to have dinner together.... and so qiao, Jas and Dan were helping out in Suntec office! Finally... we could go for FAMILY DINNER! And Valo said she had SUPER DUPER exciting news to share with us over dinner! ... Well, I just only hope it's good enough for her to treat us... Heehee...

So off to MS Kenny Roger's at 8pm for dinner. And Val told us that 'Jesus' is most probably coming! Wow... unbelievable... OK. Enuff said. Then after dinner, we walked over to City Hall MRT....

And, on the way.... We could really sense that Christmas is in dee air...

Christmas @ Suntec office

Christmas @ Suntec

Christmas @ Marina Square

Christmas @ Raffles City Shopping Centre... And who's that passer by?!

Christmas @ the Junction of Bras Basah Rd, outside Raffles City SC
How tall is the tree?? Very tall...

As I have mentioned before, my family loves food. The Kenny Rogers did not satisfy them completely so we all decided to go Menotti @ Raffles City SC (@ level 1). All their delicious deserts are at 50% off after 10pm!

Time check: 9.56pm.... Let's go!

We ordered 3 deserts to share. Here are they:

Description: Warm dark chocolate cake with chocolate chip ice-cream.
Remarks: The best desert! There is a thick choco syrup in the centre of the cake and the warm cake goes really well with the ooh so cool ice-cream. Yums!
Our rating: *****

Description: Mascarpone and spicy cream with olive oil sugar dough
Remarks: This cake also has a vanilla cream in the centre. For those with a sweet tooth. But really not bad at all.
Our rating: ****

Curry Dolce + Add on - Passion Fruit Ice-cream
Description: Finest white chocolate mousse with ricotta cheese and chocolate olive oil sugar dough.
Remarks: This is the un-sweetest desert. Beware! It is very sour, but very nice for those who don't like it too sweet. Even though there is a curry leave on it, there isn't any curry taste. Overall very fruity tasting. The cheese doesn't taste cheesy too.
Our rating: ***+1/2*

We spent $15 on these deserts (including service charge & GST).

And here are some photos we took!





Actually this one almost always abnormal...

And we almost forgot... until yesterday when we stared into Dan's face, that he is the only one in our family who has both single and double eye-lids! Seeeeee.....

OK, that's all for this post... Going to start on my yummy dinner from the coffeeshop opposite Lighthouse church (Tampines) - Dry Ban Mian! Delicious!

Signing off and believing for the revival this Christmas! 50,000 here we come!

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