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Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Candlelight services...

Me & Deb Chan

Me & Bernice aka Birdy??!

The 3 P6 friends

Me & Aaron

Me & Edmund - New fren

Me & Daniel

Me & Shawn

'God father' Weiqiang & 'God son' Yaozong! HAHA!

Our very own Kenneth acting in JW as the lead child actor - Tommy!

Eating contest day 2 competitors - Guojun, Marcus & our Deon!

1 of their competitors ALSO from ET zone - Peter, Ravi & Yee Kiat! They won!
ETzone won ALL 4 days of the Eating Competition! Let's be the most hungry physically... and spiritually wor!

Christmas Dinner with my beloveds.... A homely affair!

Our foodS!

We ate 10% of these food. So much!

Our Xmas tree... with our presentzzzz!

From Val! Lippucker lipgloss!

M.A.C. lipgloss from Jas & Dan! Wow, they have went up the next level!
(Jas told me she took a long time to get this small gift.... Cos Jared spelt it to her as "Jerb wants a ...... or lipslopp." She went around looking for a lipslopp..... took a while for salesgirl to convince her it might be a lipgloss!)
More gifts!
Chocos from Jon Hoe & family...

A nice big stylo black bag that contained a slinky black dress from Sock Teng.... According to my heart's desires!

Finally a nice make up pouch... from Michael! Big enough!
Last day of Christmas services....
After the last service, me, Lian, Ting, Richard and Kenneth aka Tommy went window shopping @ Ikea! To diligently get ideas for thksgiving!
Let me show you what we really want to do on the last day...
People visiting Ikea that day must have thought Ikea had hired an elf on Xmas Day! HAHA!
Anyway a BIG thanks to everyone who played a part during the Christmas services at Expo! Thanks for all your hard work!

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