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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Dinner @ Pepperoni Pizzeria & free movie - a better deal than I thought!

What an ulu place... Greenwood Ave.... But Pepperoni Pizzeria was finally found and it was quite a nice place if you like ang moh food like pizzas and pastas. The quality is good, portions are just right and the price, though it seems costly at first sight, but you realize that there is no additional GST and service charge.

Jared & I shared a large sized ham and fungus pizza (8 slices), cream of carrot soup & 8 spicy BBQ chix wings for $18.00 per person. Ok leh!

Anyway, it was there the leaders and helpers exchanged gifts and generous words! I picked Joanne and gave her a silver cum leather bracelet as well as.... a thumbdrive! Umm.... pls don't nay at me! She put that on her wishlist! Well.... I like shopping for clothes, accessories etc... but thumbdrive... I had to go out of the way to Funan Centre just to buy that! HAHA!!! But anyway, thks Joanne for being super administrative! You need to be anointed to deal with numbers!

For me.... Ting picked me...! Actually I sort of guessed it already! So obvious!!!.... Well, she got me the cool stylo black bag & slinky shiny black dress! Niccceeeeeee! I have already started carrying the bag! Thanks alot for yr generosity Ting!

Anyway, we had quite a good time. And Nicole did this to me... With her mouth full of chicken....!

And so coincidentally, that I got a shock for awhile, today, another kid (Denise) did EXACTLY the same thing to me again!! And the thing is - I didn't ask them to pose for me..... Hmm... Maybe it's an expression on my face that triggers this action by the kids... Very strange...

Today, I had promised Kuan Chong to catch a movie for free.... At 1st, I was reluctant to go cos I had to rush down to Vivocity at 645pm after my work... so mafan! But winsome me... hehe... promised to go after some persuasion. But I was quite suspicious at why KC wanted me to go so much and it was FREE. I could even bring Jared and my family along! It must be some insurance event. HAHA! But it is OK KC! I go!

And so I brought Jas & her friend along. We were late. Very late. The movie was 645pm but we reached at 730pm. KC asked me to go into the theatre myself. Vivo max Seats D 4-6. OK.... can.... sure... we will make it there....

When we reached, I saw a signage - " XXX Financial Institute event". Bingo! But nevermind. :) Anyway, we came to this lounge.

Waitress: Hey Miss, are you catching a movie here?
Me: Um, yes. Golden Compass.
Waitress: Can I have your tickets please?
Me: Oh! Tickets! Umm... we don't have! Our friend told us to just go in. It's a free movie screening.
Waitress: Oh I see. Please follow me...
We followed
Waitress: BTW, we actually don't serve the drinks anymore, but we will make an exception this time. What would you like? Hot coffee, tea or iced tea?
We three: Iced tea pls! :D

When we went in... it was pitch dark. Where is row D?? The waitress then asked us to just sit at the front row.

We sat down in front... very paiseh... But anyway, I thought KC's company was generous..! This is the more expensive cinema with the big seats, table and free drink!

I watched Golden Compass... enjoyed the show, the sound effects, the drink, the comfort.... I decided I really liked this kind of fantasy shows. Like Lord of the Ring etc.

At the end of the show....

Me: Hello KC? Where are you?
KC: I left to settle some stuffs. Where did you sit?
Me: I anyhow sit la. Why you and Choon Nam vanished so quickly??
KC: Isit...? But how? U liked the show?
Me: Ya man... the seats so big so comfy....
KC: Huh?? Did you go Vivo max?
Me: Vivo max? I went Vivo Gold!
KC: HUH???!!! That's not my company's!!
Me: Are you serious??
KC: Wah! You power la!

HAHAHA! I am blessed! HAHAHAH! Anyway, KC is coming to church this weekend for Xmas! Yippee! And I must make sure he don't walk into the wrong hall! HAHAHA!

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