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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Beautiful eyelashes for dummies

Read an article a few days ago regarding creating nice eyelashes with the right mascara application techniques (I am not going to talk about putting fake eyelashes... Sorrie!). I must say I am quite a dummie at putting on make-up... but I've got almost all of the steps as written in the article right! Let me share the 5 steps, with the acroymn - W.O.M.A.N. (CHC style... Heehee) with you!

Before we start, tools that you need are:

A. Mascara

If you tend to yawn alot, cry sometimes, accidentally rub your eyes... I recommend you use a water-proof or resistant mascara. There are mascaras out there that lengthens, thickens, widens your lashes.
I personally prefer BLACK color because it brightens up your eyes.
If you are on a budget, try shopping for mascaras at Watsons. They stock Mabelline, Loreal, ZA which cost $20+. The branded ones like Chanel, Shu Umera are selling for $40 and above.

B. Eyelash curler

This is a cheap instrument so you can buy the branded stuff. I like the curler from Shu Umera. It's only $24. You can also try Shiseido.

C. Cotton buds or tissue

D. Petroleum jelly (*optional)

This is for cleaning.

Presenting W.O.M.A.N.:-

1. Warm up for your eyelash curler

Umm... I don't mean exercise warm up. But you should literally get your curler warmed up before you curl your lashes. This makes the curling more effective. You can soak your curler in warm water, wipe it with a tissue soaked in hot water, use your hair dryer etc.

Tip: Make sure your curler is not too hot. Don't hurt your eyelid!

2. 'Open' up : Currlll

Curl your eyelashes at 3 positions - Start with the base, then the middle of your lashes and lastly, the tip.

Tip: Hold for 5-10 secs at each postition.

3. Mascara application

First, apply mascara at your lower eyelashes. This helps to 'open' up your eyes.
Next, apply the top of your upper eyelashes in a zig zag movement, starting from the base at the eyelids.
Then apply the bottom of the lashes also in the same way.

Tip: You might want to first moisturize your eye area and then apply loose powder around it before application. This helps to prevent smudging.

4. Apply again!

If you want to have voluminous-looking eyelashes, reapply 2-3 more coats! *Blink blink*!

Tip: Do NOT pump your mascara wand in and out of the mascara container. This will intro air into the mascara and shorten its lifespan.

5. Neaten

Use cotton sticks or tissue to clean away any mascara stains around your eyes.
You can use petroleum jelly to clean the mascara wand.

Tada!!! Beautiful eyelashes in a few minutes! :) Hope this is useful for you gals.

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