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Monday, November 26, 2007

Treasuring people

Today as I was reading the news, 2 articles made me feel kind of sad... The Dragon Boat tragedy and Life's "Toast to Salim".

The former tragedy saw 5 lives lost to the river. All of them so young in their 20s, leaving their families and many friends gripping over their loss. The latter article was about this 26 year old, thetre enthusiast - Pierre-Andre Salim who died in an accident while working overseas, and a memorial service was organized here in Singapore for him.

I thought 2 things as I read the articles.

1. How fragile life is... And if the lives were without God... even more tragic... No wonder the Bible says, "Don't boast about tomorrow..." because you really do not know what holds for you tomorrow... As much as we think this verse is about the lost receiving their salvation, it is also for us Christians to not wait another day, another chance to reach out to the lost....

2. That I must show love and thanks for people esp loved ones in my life. Don't wait till they are gone before you realise you have never expressed your love to them. I remember, 9 Father's Day ago, I gave my dad a present and card in the hospital while he was fighting with cancer. At that point, we all never knew he would eventually lose the battle 2 months later. I remembered vividly I wanted to kiss my dad (which I never did ever since I reached my teenage years), but I was too paiseh and felt too awkward to do it. 2 months later when dad passed away on the hospital bed, I stood alone with the lifeless body and kissed him with unending river of tears in my eyes, regretting why I hadnt expressed my love for him 2 months ago... I must never never take for granted the people I love today....

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