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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ps Phil Pringle's painting service

Whoa... Paint and preach at the same time is no easy feat. This week, Ps Kong was not around for the weekend but Ps Phil did great! He painted 2 paintings - The Last Supper & The Cross, as he preached on Sat and Sun.

Well, I was v awed... I like this kind of textured, oil/acrylic painting. Very free-natured, very inspired and very flow... (U know what I mean...) I snapped snapped snapped away during the Sun service as Ps painted. The pics are not very clear cos of the lights, the movements and of course due to the quality of my HP camera... But here are some pics of dee man in action as he preached the 7 Works of the Cross... Awesome.... Hotdog (Ps Phil's lingo)

Ps Phil told us that the Last Supper's painting was sold for $50k! (Whoot!) I personally feel this cross is much nicer and Ps Phil did casually comment that this painting could sell for double! So... all who are about to sight the below picture, please pay up... No need $100k. $50 per sight will do. Hee... All proceeds will go to BF... ;)

On that old rugged cross

Hung a Man so deeply engrossed

You would have thought

He had fought and lost

Oh! What a dread

One's sanity hangs but on a thread

Oh! What a pain

For their gain, He has to sustain

He spoke to God

His Lord and King

He fought to see

He fought to sing

"For your sin

And for your grime

For your sicknesses

And all your curses

For your pain

And every shame

With My blood

I take it yonder"

Oh how I wonder

Oh how I wonder

As I stand at the foot

Of that old rugged piece of wood

I quietly whispered

"O thank you Man

O thank you Man...."

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