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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Arise & Build

Sermon: The 4th Dimension
Preacher: Ps Kong Hee

Whoa, this weekend's service was really one that impacted me greatly... The testimony of my ex-boss was fantastic!!! And yesterday Bro Ed told us that even when Nic Goh was a manager, during BF seasons, he would be eating instant noodles for dinner! IMagine that.... Immediately, sacrifice came to me in the form of a loaf of bread for half a week's worth of dinners!

The video of Ps Cho's church stirred up my desire to pray again. Just look at all of them! The way they pray is James' 'fervent prayer of a righteous man' in action! Hundred of prayer requests get answered in their church each week!!! How about that in my life? My CG, my sub-zone, my zone and my church!

Then Ps Kong's sermon on THINKING, VISUALIZING, SPEAKING, PRAYING... And finally at the end of the service, God dropped an amt in my heart that really 'stabbed', 'punctured', pierced my heart.... As I wrote the amt down on my offg envelope.... Large drops of tears rolled down my eyes.... SACRIFICE.... I will do it and I can do it!

So, here is it, the vision that is set before me to encourage me to last the next 6 mths... It's on my MSN display pic too. City Harvest Church's stadium in the marketplace, for the marketplace!


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